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The world depends on shipping, but it’s important to recognise its impact on the environment. By selecting Braemar as your shipping partner, you can actively reduce your vessels' and your cargoes' unavoidable CO2 emissions.

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Get a full overview of your emissions reductions, review climate projects, and place your first carbon offset.

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Track, learn, and report on your climate impact from your Braemar Offset account.

Through Braemar Offset you can proactively support high-impact projects that reduce climate change, as well as calculate and track your carbon footprint.

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Invest in high quality climate solutions to achieve your net zero

Braemar Offset connects you with some of the most impactful climate projects available today. By offsetting your carbon footprint, you will support these projects in an amount equivalent to the calculated carbon footprint of your ships or your cargoes.

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Through Braemar Offset you will have access to your own company portal where you can review monthly emissions reports, view detailed order history and analysis, access in-depth project content, and track your company's cumulative impact on each project.

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